President's Message

As I write this, it is early December. It has been an early cold winter here in Michigan and most of us

have tucked away our DB’s until spring. Sometimes I envy those of you who live in warm climates your

ability to tinker with and drive your cars year round. I don’t have a heated garage, so during the winter I

am limited to working on small projects that can be done in the basement.

At the October Board of Directors meeting in Hershey, PA the Board approved an application form and a

sample set of by-laws to assist any group that would like to form a region of our club. The application

form is a simple two page document. Thanks to the Northwest Region, and the efforts of Frank Van

Hulle in particular, we have a template to make it easy to write your by-laws. Essentially, all you have to

do is fill in the blanks on the template. Both of these forms are available on the club website: or from our Director of Regions, Mark Ounan. Mark’s contact information

is in the magazine.

More good news, the club store is now available online. You can go to the club website and purchase

items from the store using Paypal. A great big thank you to store managers, Kim and Tom Herman and

webmaster, Rick Brinker for getting this up and running.

In the previous two issues of the magazine Meadow Brook Hall has solicited artifacts and memorabilia

for their Dodge Brothers centennial celebration in 2014. Dan and Janice Kerr have graciously loaned

their 1927 Coupe and working DB display engine. The Coupe is currently featured as part of Meadow

Brook’s annual Holiday Walk festivities. If you have something that you would like to exhibit, I certainly

encourage you to do so. Contact Meadow Brook Hall (see their ad in this issue) or me to make


Plans for our Dodge Brothers Centennial celebration are nearly finalized. As of this writing more than

2/3 of our hotel rooms have been booked. There is information in this magazine about the celebration.

Remember the early deadlines, both for registration (March 1) and hotel booking (April 21).

We want YOU in Detroit the week of June 22, 2014!