President's Message

President’s Message: July/August, 2014
In January, while taking a break from shoveling snow, I decided to finish a project started by my predecessors. A number of years ago, Harry Reding began a list of club officers and when they served. Gerry Egland and Joe Cozza updated the list during their terms. Because the list consisted of a record since the year 2000, I decided, just for posterity’s sake, to trace it back to the beginning of the club and fill in the years since 1983. I determined that the easiest way to do this without having to pester anyone else for information was to go back and look at old issues of the DBC News. Each issue would have a listing of the current officers, much like the inside cover of the magazine today. Since I joined the club in 1996, I don’t have most of the printed issues before that time. So I turned to the electronic copies contained on the CD’s that the club produces and sells in the club store. Now, I have used these CD’s many times before, usually when I needed some information on one of my cars. This time, as I browsed through the very early issues, I became enthralled with what I found. The technical and historical information provided by our membership is incredible. What I found especially interesting, however, was the excitement that jumped off of the pages of the DBC News in those early days. It was such a grass roots operation involving just a handful of people with a passion for old DB’s. The early issues of the magazine were mimeographed or photocopied and photos and articles were literally “cut and pasted” with real scissors and paste! They, of course, had no way of knowing that what they were starting was going to evolve into the great club and polished magazine we have today. There is one thing that I noticed has stayed the same, however. Just about every issue contained a plea to the membership to send in articles for publication to the editor! Sound familiar?
I am going to take one last opportunity to encourage you, if it is not already in your plans, to attend the Centennial Tour, June 22 – 27 near Detroit, Michigan. You will have to wait 100 years to do it again!