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Oil pump anatomy - help!
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Author:  JimLowery [ Sun May 28, 2017 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Oil pump anatomy - help!

Following good advice, I attempted to drop my oil pan to de-sludge it. The pan won't budge - so I looked to remove the oil pump hoping it might help. When I removed the triangle-shaped cover (3 bolts) the impeller fell out along with 2 brass ? free floating blocks. Each of these 2 blocks has a tiny spring mounted in the end, and scoring marks on the inside surface of the 3-bolt cover has me thinking those tiny springs ride on the cover. The brass blocks apparently are the "blades" of the impeller -?
So the help I need is whether there is other anatomy missing here? And if my guess on these brass blocks riding on the tiny springs is correct?
And any tips on unstucking the pan? I'm worried about bending it.
Last but not least, a little metal "ear" also fell out of the impeller, yikes - could have been there years just going in circles...

Author:  JimLowery [ Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil pump anatomy - help!

I found the answers to my own oil pump questions in my new reprints of the Book of Information p.53 and 57, and, also in the Mechanics' Instruction Manual p.120.
The 2 brass blocks are called vanes;
the springs in the end of each vane press against each other to keep the vanes to the outer housing wall;
And the little ear of metal that I tho't was a random shrapnel or slag is actually a key !! that is part of assembly of impeller to shaft. That part I haven't re-assembled yet, but thank goodness I saved it.

So the lesson learned is, I didn't know the oil pump is supposed to stay assembled to the pan when lowering it.

One of the tiny springs in one vane is damaged - thinking maybe take it to a clock or watch repair guy to find a replacement? It just fits into a hole bored into the end of the vane. Tiny delicate spring; the other one looks near perfect. Amazing.
PS I still haven't unstuck my pan yet, wish me luck I don't bend it.
Texas Jim

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