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Several years ago we invited DB cars to be featured at our annual Antique Auto Show in Waterford , PA.16441. We had some favorable participation. We do have several members in the Erie, PA. area who will be displaying their Dodges. I Would like to once again ask the DB Club to participate and be featured in our show. Can we make this an official invitation through the DB Club? I would like to include this invitation on our show flyer which will soon be finalized. I am the show chairman and can provide further information including a copy of the show flyer. 

Discovery and Restoration of a Dodge Brothers Ad on an Old Barn in Ohio

Our Ohio/W Pa Region had been participating for several years in an annual car show held at Worl Thompson Motors, Dodge/Jeep, in Caldwell, Ohio.  (Closed in 2016)

Several years ago someone at the show, seeing we had Dodge Brothers cars, suggested that we drive down and look at a barn that had an old ad painted on it.  A few days later we made the trip down to see what would be so interesting to us.  Sometime after the dealership was started, part of the “highway” into Caldwell ran parallel to what is now Ohio Route 821 and a sign advertising  Dodge Brothers Motor Cars and Worl Thompson was painted on the side of the barn facing the original “highway.”  The ad was still there; barely visible, but readable.

In May 2019 our Region held a mini-meet that included a drive down to Caldwell from Cambridge, about 25 miles. Part of the trip was to view the ad and take pictures with the cars. 

Barry and Andra Cogan with their 1924 coupe and Chris DiTerlizzi driving the 1923 Screenside.

While working with the Noble County Historical Society when  planning the meet, the thought was that the owner of the barn would like to have the ad restored. The other sides of the barn had already been restored.

Fast forward to June 2020. The Noble County Historical Society allocated money to restore the ad and Les Hoffmann provided them with the “font” for Dodge Brothers. In September the ad was restored in four days by The Barn Artist, Scott Hagan.  He was well qualified for the job.