President's Message


Dear Dodge Brothers & Sisters,

By the time you get this our club’s international meet in Green Bay, Wisconsin will be history and we will start looking ahead to our next one.

We had a winter that did not want to let go. But over in the UK Alan Baker and Hilary Carrott took their 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six sedan on a winter night car rally. It was filled with snow and icy roads. I have too much traffic around here for anything like that even in the summer, let alone winter. Great dedication! I remember Alan and Hilary from the 2014 meet in Detroit. They, along with another couple, had their cars shipped from England to Baltimore and then drove to Detroit then back. All the issues they had just to come to that meet were overwhelming, but it shows the dedication they have for their cars and our club.

There have been a lot of talk on the internet about how to raise membership, which we will talk about in Green Bay. Some want to include all Dodges from all years. But then we would not be the Dodge Brothers Club. We were founded on the principles of maintaining and restoring our cars and trucks to keep them as original as the owner can afford. There is also talk about getting younger members. Out web master is working on having a youth page which will be run by our younger members (2 or 3) but under the supervision of our web master. We also discussed having a person to help us in marketing our club; however, there has been a lot of posts on Facebook from new members. People who have just found a Dodge Brothers in a barn and need help for parts, etc. and cars to sell. Eventually they will need a club and we are the only club for Dodge Brothers cars and Graham Brother commercial vehicles 1914-1938.

There is also a lot of chatter, for lack of better word, about the AACA Museum. Again, we have a collection of Dodge Brothers automobiles which are housed at the AACA Library which is in no way part of the museum. However, the library is running out of space at their current location and has purchased a new building which is close to the car show field for the fall meet. All this material is the club’s property and can return to use if we ever want it; so, get in touch with the library and use it. You do not need to be a member of AACA to access this asset to help you with your restoration or just general knowledge.

I mentioned Facebook, but I also received an email from a woman who is planning a trip from Seattle to Chicago in July with a 1924 Dodge Brothers roadster. So, stay tuned. It seems that there is a lot of good things happening in your club so be a part of it. Don’t forget there is half-year membership for $20.00 to get new members started. Also, we are still looking for a marketing director to promote our club. If you know of someone, please let a member of the board know.