President's Message

President’s Message: May-Jun 2023

Spring may be winding down and coming to an end, but Dodge Brothers season is still going strong.  There are lots of exciting events coming up including our 2023 Finger Lakes Relaxation National Meet, local shows, and the AACA Eastern fall meet at Hershey.  Make sure you look over the calendar, save the dates and sign up.  These events are great ways to enjoy the warmer weather and also see old and new friends.

So this bears repeating, please be aware that you do not need to bring an antique car to a Dodge Brothers Club event.  You don’t even have to own one to be a member.  If you do have an antique Dodge Brothers vehicle that runs, we’d all love to see it.  Share a back seat on a tour, or hop in your modern ride and come along with us.

As summer begins, we find opportunities around every corner.  Our upcoming National Meet and tour is bound to be a blast.  I know I am looking forward to it.

But consider this time to get a little more involved on a personal level.  There are members in our midst that may need a hand getting their car running or they may just need advice to get their favorite Dodge Brothers on the road again.

I think we are all in this club for one reason, we like cars!  Step up.  Give someone that you haven’t seen in a while a quick phone call.  Go through the roster, find someone that lives just down the road and pay them a visit.  One of our members recently did just that.  He formed a friendship and helped his new friend get his car rolling again.  It only takes a few minutes to make a difference.

As summer approaches, I look forward to seeing all of you out and enjoying our common passion—cars.

See you down the road,

Mark Ounan

Dodge Brothers Club President