President's Message

Greetings Dodge Brothers and Sisters,

Spring is on the way.  I hope everyone has had a productive winter.  Any good projects going on out there?  If so, consider writing a tech article and send it to Tracy.

There are also several vacant board positions and technical advisor positions.  We recently lost our Dodge Brothers Four-cylinder Tech Advisor, Rodger Hartley.  He was a wealth of information. Please think about volunteering to help steer the future of our club.  The club is only a strong as the people in it; and we are a strong group.  We should keep things going and look for ways to improve the club.

With spring comes the planning for a new touring season.  I hope everyone is coming to South Dakota for our big meet in June.  It looks like a lot of fun, and the planning committee is working hard to make it memorable.  We rarely hold our Annual Dodge Brothers Meet west of the Mississippi.  I hope to see many of you out there.

In a recent issue, I talked about my ’14 being in a museum as part of a Christmas display.  We took it out of the museum on February 1st, and the car had a flat tire for the first time in 50 years.  I called my friend Doug Walters and asked him for help.  And he was willing to drive the hour-long trip from his house to help me take the tire off the rim, change the tube, and mount it again.  About halfway through the six-mile drive home, I got a thunderous knocking sound in the engine and had to shut it off.  Doug and I spent the rest of the afternoon taking the car home on the car trailer.  As I write this, I am still determining whether the engine is cooked or if it’s something simple.

Armed with knowledge and car parts, vehicles can be fixed.  Let’s hope it’s nothing major, as I planned to bring this car to South Dakota.  Whatever happens, I know I’ll be there.

Take a look at the “New and Returning Members” listing in this issue or the club roster.  Contact someone close by and help them prep their Dodge Brothers auto for the meet in Brookings, South Dakota.  Give them a nudge and offer some encouragement to join us.  Remember, even if your car is not ready, backseats are available.  It’s great to see everyone’s cars at the meet, but it’s more important to see each other.

See you down the road,
Mark Ounan
Dodge Brothers Club President.