President's Message


Here we are at the beginning of what I had hoped would be another exciting touring season. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, the Charleston meet has been postponed until April 2022.

I would like to say thank you to the chairpersons for the Charleston meet, Theresa and Barry Jensen. They originally planned this event for the spring of 2020, then re-planned everything for April 2021. With this second postponement, Theresa has graciously volunteered to re-plan everything for the spring of 2022. Anyone who has ever worked on a national meet knows how much work goes into it. We appreciate all of you who volunteer your time not only to plan and host our tours and get-togethers, but everyone working to make our Club stronger and better.

Because of the situation we find ourselves in, we have had to adjust our schedule for meets for the next two years (alternating each year from east of the Mississippi to west). Due to the cancellation and rescheduling of the 2020 meet, our next meet will be in 2022 in Charleston, South Carolina, followed by upstate New York in 2023. I would very much like to have a meet out west in 2024. We are looking for ideas and chairpersons for such a meet, so get your thinking caps on and let’s come up with some ideas for meets out west.
Until our next national meet, in the meantime, let’s brainstorm ways to spend time with our DBs. Take your car out and give it some exercise. We can think local when it comes to getting out and touring. Perhaps our regions can host smaller get-togethers (following pandemic guidelines) such as a one-day tour where local members meet up in the morning to drive a prescribed route, stop somewhere for a Bring-Your-Own picnic lunch, then drive a circuitous route back to the starting point.  Such smaller one-day meets can be the way to take our cars out with other Dodge Brothers and Sisters. 
Take your DB for a drive so people see you on the road (plan to have a family member follow you in case of breakdowns!). Seeing an old car on the road is often a thrill for other motorists and will make you happy, too.  Check with local nursing homes to see if you can do a drive-by in your DB to give residents an opportunity to look out the window and see something they might remember from their younger days. It will lift their spirits and give them a chance to talk about things they have not thought about in years. You could even host a Q&A session via cellphone!
We can also spend this time doing maintenance and getting our cars ready for when we can get together. Projects do not have to be large or a major undertaking. Do small jobs that have been put off.
With my time in the military and participation in military vehicle convoys, I learned that an important part of the gear you should have with you is an emergency kit. Some basic things in an emergency kit should be wheel chocks, emergency reflective triangles, a small, bright flag that you can tie on the back of your car that says “I'm okay” or “I need help,” and a couple of orange or green fluorescent t-shirts or vests that you can throw on if you have to get out of your car in traffic.
With kids attending school virtually and spending more time at home, you could get them involved with working on your car. Putting together your emergency kit would be a good winter project for you and the kids/grandkids.  You could build a box together that fits under the seat and fill it with all the things you think you might need. Long after we are gone, they will look at these projects and remember doing them with you. It could also foster an interest in antique vehicles.
And do not forget to reach out and talk to each other this year. One of the greatest things about this club is the wealth of knowledge our members hold. If you are thinking about a project or a job that you think might be too big or a little out of your league, reach out to our friends from the members list, the technical advisors in the magazine, or on the web or Facebook pages. Do not be afraid to ask questions and get help from people who have done it before and can guide you through it. We know our vehicles better than anybody. Share the knowledge!

Even though we are apart this year, it does not mean we have to be alone. So let's get out those DBs and get some exercise.